August's Challenge was: "Cartoon SWAP! Draw at least one character from SWAT Kats as a character from another cartoon or comic book. As an added "bonus", draw that character also. :D For example: Draw T-Bone in Spiderman's uniform and Spiderman either reacting to it, or in T-Bone's uniform... Have fun! We hope to have a lot of submissions this month!"

a she-kat
"Aaah ...mulitplicity!"
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Heheh well..... I couldn't decide, okay? :P If you can stand the shoddy colouring, in all it's simpleness, I think it's - they're - purdy cool. How many can You name? ;P FelinA rox. Enjoy!

a she-kat took First place this month!B>

"Jake <--X--> Klonoa"
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Divided into 2 pictures in order to make the loading fast. The first picture, Jake in Klonoa's unifrom. (Klonoa is the main character of "Klonoa ~door to phantomile~", PSX game and Manga) Jake looks really good in Klonoa's unifrom (a cap, a cat collar and shorts) and his "Hyupo Missile" is so violent that the monsters will be surpriseed. Because Klonoa usually destroys the monsters by blowing air into them. He also does this with bad guys of "SWAT Kats". About Klonoa, please check out this website.

Wildfire (Deanna Echanique)
"Devil Hunter Callie"
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OMH! Devil Hunter Callie?! Looks so! Devil Hunter Yohko and Callie have switches places! Both dont seem to mind but seem slightly out of place. Callie states, "how can i do mayor manx's paperwork with this?" and Yohko (in Callies pink suit) states "I never realized wearing something that doesnt show half my body could be so attractive!". In case you cant read my handwriting ;p Watercolors

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Sure to become a collector's item, Wildcard #1 follows our anti-hero as he tries to get a date! He heard that women like a sense of humor, so he can't understand why the girls run screaming from him! I blame the shoes. Published by Furry Lizard Comix, this title received Fred's coveted "Two Forked Tounges Up!"

Strider Orion
"Gunsmith Katz"
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I kinda figured everyone would be using the traditional comic stuff (ie:superman, batman, spiderman, etc.) so I went with my favorite, MANGA!!! This combines SWATkats with Gunsmith Cats. I tile it Gunsmith Katz. It combines Felina as Rally Vincent, Callie as Minnie May, and T-Bone as Bean Bandit. I realize that you all may not know about gunsmith cats comic but take a look at it on the web! It's really quite kool! So, there it is, hope you like it n' drop me a line n' tell me what you think about it if you get the time! (I just luv t' hear what people think about my drawings wether it be good or bad.)

"Dynamic Duo"
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Megakat City's in trouble. The distess signal was given. New heroes merged... It's a picture of Chance and Jake as Batman & Robin. Oh, and not forgetting anything, its also featuring the ever so beautiful miss Callie Briggs as Batgirl..... Hope you all like it!

White-Kat took Second Place!

Felicia Tabby
"Sailor SWAT Kats"
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This is my first time attempting Anime so please be nice here. It's Sailor Moon aka Callie as she pledges to defend the world against evil along with her friends Sailor Jupiter/Felina, Sailor Mercury/Ann Gora, and well...I think you can guess the other two. ;)

Felicia took Third Place!

Nichole Kitty & Tania Knight
"Who has the biggest appetite?"
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Hi Everyone! Me and my friend drew this little sk comic during class, and I thought it would make a cool entry. We kinda were playing around with the fact that T-Bone and Garfield kinda look and act alike (heehee). This thing took forever to draw and color- Klawz wasn't kidding when she said hers took alot of time. Hope you guys like ('cuz I certainly know that our teacher wasn't too happy with it)!

Nikki Feral
"Bow Ties Required"
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I decided to use my favorite childhood cartoon character. However, Tigger doesn't have any clothing, so the next best thing was Eyor, and the SK character with the exact opposite personality. What can I say, I love to pick on the ol' guy. This was done with pen sketch and computer color. I really need to come up with a new style, the computer stuff is getting old, huh. ;')

Lady Maverick
"The Ultimate in Animal Abuse"
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My character Jessica dresses up Jake as Mickey Mouse. Poor Jake! ..and Jessica does NOT look like a Lemming! Hope you enjoy!

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