August's Challenge was: "Draw one or both of the SWAT Kats (in uniform, thus SWAT Kats) fighting against an enemy."

Kristen Sharpe
The Boys are Back in Town
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Well, this didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped. I ran out of time. Anyway, the kats are taking on Dark Kat. Actually, they're all over him... literally. Prismacolor markers with (pathetic) Photoshop background.
Note: Congrats to Kristen! She was the first place winner of the first MSKAC!

Burning Sky
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T-Bone and Dr. Viper. Drawn with graphite pencil, with a computer-drawn background. Counting both time I spent drawing and messing with the comp, this project took me around eight hours to do.
Note: Congrats to Macbeth! He was the second place winner of the first MSKAC!!

Deanna Echanique
The Biggest Enemy Is the Artist
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Well, i fiddled with this idea for a while... and came up with this. Its the SKs fighting the artist! Bwahaha! The artist has her *ahem* mechanical pencil eraser aimed at Razor, and T-Bone is chomping on the pencil tyring to get it away. Razor is saying "IM TOO YOUNG AND CUTE TO DIE!!". This was handdrawn, comp colored and overlayed with a scan on my pencil. Enjoy.

The SWAT Kats Battle Illiteracy
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Kind of a large file, but full-page and (in my opinion) funny. You should have known I would not be serious!

Rauhnee Ranshanka
One Shot, Sureshot
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Razor and T-Bone are brushing up on their wilderness survival skills by splitting up and hunting each other in a variant of Tag in the forest. At four days into the exercise it's Razors turn to hunt T-Bone, so he decides that taking a short break to clean up wouldn't hurt.

Now Aytha has been stalking Razor for some time and thinks she's found the perfect opportunity to kill him as he strips to bathe in a slow moving river. Her bite is nearly perfect; crushing his right collarbone, several ribs, puncturing a lung and drawing a good deal of blood. Unfortunately for her he still has his Glovatrix on and now she's looking at the business end ofa mini-missile.

Nikkitrina Feral
Paw to Paw
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Sorry about the fact that I used Dark Kat(extreamly over used villan), but I never drew him before..::grins::.. Hand to hand, er, paw to paw! No weapons but fists, a big black walking stick, and a sharp piece o' rotting wood! I love my imagination.

It's Good to be King Razor
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Razor winks at the viewer as he wraps an arm around a distressed Callie and presses the button on his jet-pack. Behind him, T-Bone short-circuits Molly Metallikat. Drawn with a Pilot G-2 07 pen on computer if you wanted to know. ;)
Note: Klawz could not win this month as she came up with the Challenge!

The Glovatrix Can't Always Handle Everything!
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It didn't take me a *really* long time to draw Razor, but I did have a tough time trying to figure out what he was running from. I thought of having some flying plantimals chasing him, but they didn't turn out quite right. I thought that this might be a little funny too! (The claw is nearly the same size as Razor!) I was also going to put a background in the picture, but the more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of an animation cel, so I just left it out. I think some time in the near future, I'll print it out on an acetate & see how "cel-like" it really is. Anyway, hope you like it.. I wasn't even sure I'd get it submitted in time with all the hardware problems I've been having this month (hopefully they're all ironed out now!)
PS - I also have the "sketches" of the preliminary work if anyone's interested.

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