February's Challenge was: "The theme - Lights! Camera! ACTION!
A lot of movies would be a heck of a lot better if they starred your favorite SWAT Kats characters, now wouldn't they? This time, you're the director, and you even get to pick the cast. Pick any movie (just be sure it's an existing one and you tell us what it is) and cast SWAT Kats characters in the roles."

Congratulations to A She-Kat who won this month's challenge!

A She-Kat
Three cuts, three kills...
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I guessed that a movie like Men in Black would be most popular..hehe... so I didn't use it. :) I went through Romeo+Juliet, Con Air, Stand By Me...it took some time. But as patience is a virtue, eventually, I found my movie.

Hehee...It's one big swashbuckling adventure with Chance as 'Alejandro Murieta', (Ooh spunky! hehe), and Felina as 'Elena Montero'! (Beautiful!) The movie? THE MASK OF ZORRO. *grins* It's just shots of those two, minus all the other guys out of the movie(eheh). But good! I haven't seen the movie yet, so don't yell at me if things aren't exactly how they should be or something. Anyway, it looks like it turned outnicely! :)

A She-Kat won this month's contest with er... many votes!

Their greatest battle would be for her love.
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Starring Chance Furlong as King Arthur, Jake Clawson as Lancelot, and Callie Briggs as Guinevere...Furrst Knight. Based on the video cover for the movie First Knight ( (c) Columbia Pictures). Not a perfect match because of the characters, the limited artistic talent I possess, and my limited range of art supplies. For those of you I told I was doing Singing in the Milk (Singing in the Rain), terribly sorry. :) I loaned out my tape and didn't get it back in time.

"Romeo and Juliet, Meow..."
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Staring Jake Clawson as Romeo Calico Briggs as Juliet. This movie make me cry every time I watch. I picked one chapter, on the veranda. It's color.

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