January's Challenge was: "The theme - Bad-Guy Off-days! What do villains do in their downtime? When they're not plotting world (or at least city) domination, what do they do? Does Dark Kat crochet? Does Dr. Viper have a secret passion for bowling? You tell us!"

Chillin' 'n' Grillin'
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When Dr. Viper isn't trying to turn MKC into a swamp, he spends his time utilizing his chemical knowledge in order to perfect the perfect barbecue sauce. He's found it: Katalyst 57. Little do most kats realize that they buy his sauce...but not to worry...all the profits go to the "Save the Wetlands" foundations. Done in ink, with that Sakura pen thing..

Macbeth placed First in January's Challenge! Congrats to Mac!

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Dr. Viper, hard at work thinking up an evil plot to take over the city.

Nikkitrina Feral
Big Butt?
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I have no idea how I got this idea, so I'll just tell ya what's going on. In Dark Kat's free time, he enjoys trying on various robes for his swearing in as Mayor after he takes over Megakat City. Sorry about the background (Unless you like the color...) It was supposed to be temporary, but I accidentaly saved it as a jpg before I was done, and it would be too much work to change. Have Fun!

Nikki Placed Third in January's Challenge! Congrats Nikki!

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Dr. Viper, in his free hours, has become a lucrative infomercial figure. He's sold more Squedge-O-Matics than anyone in history! Which is really, really good 'cause no one knows what it does!!! Of course, he always has time to try to push off his own little plot to take over MegaKat City. But who wouldn't in his position? Drawn with a gel ink pen and colored with PrismaColors and Crayola markers. Enjoy.

"Bad Guys Photo-Sticker"
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Off-Times, well. Actually, it's my passion, the Photo Sticker. I don't know, how it is in Mega-Kat City but it's very popular in Thailand. I think it'll make everyone (include Bad-Guys) happy.

Aun placed Second in January's Challenge! Congrats Aun!

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