July's Challenge was: "It's Summer! And what better thing to do during the dog (dawg?) days of July than to go on vacation? We can imagine the SWAT Kats at the beach... but where do the bad guys go when they want to relax? Does Dark Kat go spelunking? Does Dr. Viper go to Zaire? Draw a SK Baddie on vacation! "

Razaar Kaadle
"Dark Kat Meets Jonny"
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I decided to do something that had to do with famous people on vacation...getting spyed on by people. I colored this one with MGI Photosuite. It was a pain, but it was worth it!

Razaar took Second Place in this month's MSKAC!

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SD Turmoil and Molly Metallikat enjoying the SD sunset on the beach in their free time this summer. If it seems like I'm poking fun at someone, then you'd be right -- I'm poking fun at myself. :D Drawn in ink and colored with markers and a pencil, then darkened and otherwise made clearer in MGI Photosuite (I hate that program).

Klawz took First place in this month's MSKAC!

Wildfire (Deanna Echanique)
"Pastmaster, Hawaiian Style"
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Pastmaster, hawaiian style. "I hope i get villian advantage miles.." comp color.

Wildfire took Third Place in this month's MSKAC!

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