June's Challenge was: "WE'RE STUCK IN A TIMEWARP!!! Go to the future or go to the past. What would the Ice Age SK be like? The CLUBatrix? Or how about showing your view of Mega-Futuristic Megakat City? Time to dish out those snazzy costumes! (or not) ;P "

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This is my MSKAC entry.. its a wanted poster for T-Bone and Razor, circa 1849. :O) I was gonna do a renaissance... but... i know that would be really popular:O) Watercolors. I loved the way it came out, but i really messed up on Felina IMHO.

Wildfire tied for second place in this month's MSKAC!

Cookie C.
"The New Age"
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The new age of Megakat City. Razor looks kind of snazzy in his new fight suite with T-Bone in the jet:: in the back ground:: oh yes a dome over Megakat city. The future can be scary.......

"Trouble with Transporters"
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Here is my first MSKAC enrty!!!!! I am proud of it, but the scan didn't turn out as well as the originial. It is a pic of Callie, in the future, on her way to a meeting. She has to walk because the transporters broke down. {heeheehee} In case you can't read what she's thinking, it says, "It's never good business to be late. If only the transporter hadn't broken down. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm seven minutes late!!!!!!!! They really need to keep those transporters in good working order!"

David Noble
"Radical Roman Ruffians"
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Jake and Chance are ready to kick some barbarian tail and applaud no "Hail Feral!

Purrcy & Strike
"The SWAT Kats pose... 20-some years ago"
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Time to dish out those snazzy costumes, indeed! Most of you probably don't remember those wonderful times we call the 70's. The rest of you would probably like to forget! Strike & I (Purrcy) collaborated on this one with an idea I came up with. After we talked, Strike sent me her pic of Chance & then I just had to re-draw Jake (the earlier one looked pretty bad). A quick coloring, a bit of flashy graphics, and a musical interlude make for quite a sight! Shake your booty!

MSKAC's Note: The Hi-Bandwidth version is HIGHLY recommended, but it might make you slightly dizzy. :D

Purrcy and Strike took First place in this month's MSKAC!

"Jake & Chance's EXCELLENT Adventure!"
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Comments: This entry took me a heck of a long time to draw. And twice as long to color, scan, and do the html for it! This comic stars our loveable heroes - Jake and Chance as well as three "surprise" guests. I hope you enjoy. Colored in ... uh... tell you what - if you want to know HOW I did this image, just e-mail me. :)

MSKAC's Note: The thumbnails are recommended if you just want a quick glance and don't want to go through several pages of comic.

Klawz tied for place in this month's MSKAC!

Rauhnee Ranshanka
"The Katmandu SWAT Kats"
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This months victims got drop-kicked back quite a ways, then sideways over to Katmandu. Say hello to Chance, Felina and Jake as Free Warriors of the Highland People.

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