March/April's Challenge was: "AAAH! A gender-bender epidemic has been going around MKC! The Pastmaster a Pastmistress? Callie as a guy? Appearances and actions. Show us!"

Felicia Tabby
"SWAT Girls"
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I really didn't know what to do for the challenge, but I thought a while and wondered what if there was an alternate dimention where the SwatKats were female? So I came up with this pics of perhaps Chance and Jake's female counterparts. *shrugs* Hey, give me a break. It's been a busymonth or three.

Felicia took first place for this entry!!!

Kristen Sharpe
"In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Things Were Really Weird!"
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Well, Ladies and Gentlekats, may I introduce Charlotte "T-Bone" Furlong, Jane "Razor" Clawson, and Carlton Briggs! I feel like I really could have been more inventive with the poses, but there was that everpresent matter of TIME.

Kristen Sharpe recieved a tied Second Place!

Pyla Kat
"Granny Manx"
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Um hello, this is my first time, and most likely not to be my last. It's Mayor Manx if he was a woman. I'm not too good at coloring on computer, this is one of the few times I think I'll color useing a computer... I do like his purple eyeshadow though...*grin* And it is a pretty dress...or not.

"Gender Bender"
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It was wierd drawing Chance with a female figure and I started it in the car. Luckily I had finished my icecream at the time. It did turn out better than I expected though.

"SWAT Fems: Jakeina and Chancessa"
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Yay! I actually did a background! And I think it's actually pretty good. "Chancessa" isn't supposed to look chubby, she's supposed to look buff, dangit!!!! I drew them in my own personal style, which is why the look nothing like the real thing. Ohwell, I do hope you enjoy. Drawn in pen, colored with markers on computer printer paper.

Klawz recieved a tied Second Place for her Submission!

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