May's Challenge was: "What if the Swat Kats were drawn as Swat Gerbils? What if Callie lived in MegaBAT city? How about there being a Dark Mouse? Time to draw our favorite Swat Kats characters as anything but kats! Rabbits? Humans? Immature Radioactive Samori Slugs??"

A She-Kat
"Whoops, did we forget the chocolate sauce?"
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Uhh... see, this is what happens when u mess with magic, kiddies. :) Callista's gone and fried her spellbooks, the cookie jar has gone missing, and SWAT Kats and Co have been turned into fuzzy bunniez!! Now they really can't do *much* as fuzzy bunniez, but if you're looking for cuteness, this should pass the test!

A She-Kat took first place this month!

"SWAT Yaps"
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Turmoil had thought her plan to kidnap Callie Briggs was fool-proof -- until she turned in surprise to see the SWAT Yaps caught on to her plans!!! .... I myself find this picture hilarious and I only wish I could have done the SWAT Yaps themselves justice. I also wish I had drawn in ink instead of mechanical pencil so that I could have colored this... ohwell, I'm more than pleased with how Turmoil (my favorite character in the series!) turned out. :)

"Wow! A bone!"
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Jake went shopping. He serched something for Chance. Finally, he chose it.

Wildfire (Deanna Echanique)
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Jake looks cute when he slaps his hand over his forehead. ;p I think it turned out pretty good. Drawn by hand, scanned and comp colored.

Wildfire took second place!

Kamikaze the Twooth
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I drew this immediately after reading the challenge- it was just too good to pass up. No particular reason I chose 'em- maybe the citra did it....or the mongo peppers.... Computer drawn and colored.

Rauhnee Ranshanka
"There Be Dragons"
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This is part of a larger (fully body) image that for the life of me couldn't make cloths work on. Somehow I think this Jake will have a harder time hiding his 'hobby' in this form, butyou never know.

"And You Thought They Couldn't Fly..."
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This is what you get when you combine a rural environment, scanning technology, and WAY too much free time. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Scuzz took third place!

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