November/December's Challenge was: "The theme - Nightmares! Someone is having a nightmare! Your challenge is to draw it- the character can be in the nightmare, or you can depict the nightmare for them- just remember that the character must be in the drawing someplace! Be as creative or horrific as you like (but please remember the "adult material" rule!)"

Lt. Kristen Sharpe
"In His Darkest Dreams, He is the Enemy"
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Razor's darkest nightmare....Just a pencil drawing... I feel kinda bad about doing such a depressing pic when "nightmare" could have swung to the funny end... I'm not a moody, depressed person, really!

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A She-Kat
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Here's something different...try and figure it out for yourself. :) I've always wondered what Burke and Murray were doing when they weren't driving their dump truck around and hasseling Jake and Chance. Maybe they stole their girlfriends? Here's a surprising (and rather cute) pic of Jake and Chance staring (very cutely :̃) in shock and horror after Felina and Callie walking off with Burke and Murray?! Thank god it's only a dream - er nightmare!

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"Watch the Birdy!"
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Well, a snake's worst nightmare would be a big bird, right? Right?? What do you mean, "no?" Oh well..
Anyway, I drew this with a Sakura 005 Pigma pen, and I added thegraphite shading for Viper later. I decided to do it this way (yeah, I knowyou'd all like to know the methods behind my madness..), because the big predatorybird and the cloudy-sky-ish background behind it are supposed to have agritty, ugly feel, as any nightmare should be. Viper's shading is softer,hopefully setting him apart from the rest of his nightmare as the only componentthat doesn't seem to belong. This isn't really a funny pic, unless you countthe look on Viper's face. I was going to have him being eaten alive orsomething, but I figured that would be a little gory....

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"Love in an Elevator"
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Nightmares have endlesspossibilities. They can be happy, sad, scary, or just plain weird. This peticular breed of nightmare is that of the rarest kind, and poor Callie has to dream this awful thing. She's having to face the worst possible way to die - death by getting stuck in an elevator with the most annoying thing with pink hair that has ever lived! By the way, the title came about from a song by Aerosmith and has no real contribution to the picture except to add humor. I guess I also used the title from the "Blind Date from Hell" theme, which is a nightmare in it's own right!

Nikki Feral
"Callie's Nightmare"
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The coloring took me much longer than the actual drawing, mostly because I played around with different backgrounds and shadowing techniques. I hope you like what turned out. Oh, btw, most of my art will be computer enhanced thanks to my recent obsession brought on by my new art program. I still have to start with a b&w drawing though, mostly cause my mouse $uck$. Enjoy, and be afraid, be very afraid!! Muhahahaha!

"I'd Be Worried Too..."
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A rather pained looking Chance, dreaming a super-deformed T-Bone running from a freakish kat like bug. Like the title says...I think I'd beworried too. =^_^=

Lady Maverick
"Chance's Nightmare"
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Chance walks in on his partner and finds a lonely candle burning by Jake's body. A razor near his paw let's Chance know his partner took his own life. Pretty scary, so if you're squemish I wouldn't recomend viewing it. (Watercolors and Ink)

MSKAC's Note: This image may be too disturbing to view. Please view with extreme caution, okay? Okay. The MSKAC is not responsible for nightmares. ;)

"Callie's Nightmare"
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After using about six sheets of paper on sketches.... I finally gave up and just drew Callie's Nightmare and a cruddy lil' poem to fill up open space. ;P ....You know those dreams you get after a lot of worrying about school and such? The one where you go to school in your underwear...? Drawn in pen, colored with a mix of Prismacolor and Crayola markers. Touched up (with a background added) with Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0, which I found on my parent's computer.

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