October's Challenge was: "The theme - Love is in the air! Something's sparking between two SK characters! Who are they and what kind of romance is bubbling between them?"

"Good Morning, Beautiful!"
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AAA HA HA HAAA... this just CAME to me! I don't think I really want to comment on this one... you'll understand when you see it, I hope.

Strike won first place in this month's Challenge!

A She-Kat
"One Fine Day"
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For those who've seen the movie One Fine Day (starring George Clooney and Pfeiffer), you'll recognise this scene. It's also on the movie poster. (I just saw the movie so the scene stuck, and it seemed ideal) It's in colour and it's Jake and Callie re-clothed as One Fine Day's "Jack" and "Melanie". Jake has picked Callie up (in his arms) and is bringing her across a big puddle of water, or more, splashing her across a big puddle of water. (Remember that? hehe) This ol' pic has come a long way from a grim start as a few chicken scratches on a lonely piece of paper! I like this one. What a cute couple. ;)

A She-Kat was the First Place winner of September's Challenge, and wasn't eligible to win this month.

"Beautiful Dreamer"
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I saw the challenge this month had to offer and couldn't resist doing something really outrageous! Inspired by the second "Urusei Yatsura" movie,"Beautiful Dreamer", and my fan fiction title of the same name, Razor's caught in the arms of who I think he's REALLY in love with. Done with Windows Paint (that crude drawing thing that comes with Windows) and the background and extra smoothing done in Paint Shop Pro 5.01 (and I think it turned out pretty well for working on it less than five hours!)

MSKAC's Note: "Adult" (homosexual) content. Also tied for second place.

Nikkitrina Feral
"And That's...?"
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Love is in the air, but it looks like a one way street. Let's see... My inspiration was my char's attitude. (btw, that's me, er her in the pic. I modeled her after me and gave her my name *g*) She would prefer a gun to a bouquet, and a jet to a canary. I drew it by hand, and colored it with my FIXED COREL PROGRAM! Whoopie! It has to be my best computer assisted pic to date.

"Love Sick"
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Comments: Jake sighs, paw over his heart, taking a moment's pause to think about Callie... Done in a combination of pen, pencil, colored pencils, markers and touched up a little with MGI Photosuite. Also done all at the last moment (but definitely sent before the deadline!)

Klawz tied for second place this month.

"Megakat City's Most Eligible"
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I had the idea for which characters to use right after I read about this month's challenge, but I wasn't quite sure how to arrange it. I decided to just draw it & hoped that inspiration would hit. Just about the time I was ready to color it in, it hit me to put Cmdr. Feral into this "Most Eligible Bachelor" list in the newspaper. Now if someone wants to write a story to go into this newspaper article, drop me a line & we'll talk!

This one, as my others, was inked & colored in the computer. Special thanks to Strike for sending me a pic of the old lady.

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