September's Challenge was: "Draw any character doing something *completely* out of character. If they, those around them (or both) recognize this sudden and bizarre transformation, it would be all the better, but not necessary."

A She-Kat
Where are the Marbles?
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Dark Kat holding a bunch of flowers looking helplessly cheerful! I decided to put the Pastmaster, Viper and a few cute kreeplings in for good measure, all looking sweet and happy! In the background, T-Bone and Razor run from a furious Callie and Felina (just to add a bit of contrast). Not in colour (I didn't have time!) but all in all a pretty good piece of work.
A She-Kat was the First Place winner of September's Challenge!

Felina Cerviche
Let's Party!
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Here's my first mskac and September submission. I got the idea for thiswhile watching Down Periscope. (don't ask.) I think it turned out better than I expected, cause I'm not used to drawing the character. It is hand drawn and computer colored.

"Is That a Voter in Distress I Hear?"
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Mayor Manx, looking frighteningly eager and ready for heroics. I'm not sure how his hair stays on when he flies... that's considering IF he can get off the ground at all....

Strike tied for Second Place!

Rauhnee Ranshanka
Beyond The Twilight Zone
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Downtown MegaKat City is still, stunned into silence by a sight too strange for even the most jaded of locals not to do a double take at; Ulysses Feral with a grin on his face performing ballet in front of a pet shop. (Any doubt where the title comes from?)
Drawn in Pencil and Ink, touched up in the computer and certainly not something I would have thought to draw on my own.

Nikkitrina Feral
Peanut Butter
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Don't ask what I was thinking when I drew this, it was a wacky day for me. Just in case you were wondering, Chance is the one acting out of char. and the 'blue cloud-bubble' are his thoughts. If you can't read my 'beautiful' handwriting, that's OK, the pic's funny without it. I used an assortment of markers, pencils, pens and erasers *grins* to complete my masterpiece.

Ballet Fun
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I read the topic for this Challenge and I thought "now what can be totally out of character..?" and then I got the image of Felina Feral. In pink. And loving it. Thus: "Ballet fun". Drawn in ink (darn right I should have started in pencil) , colored in colored pencils and markers. A bit of a touch up with my cruddy graphics program. Hope you enjoy!

Klawz tied for Second Place!

"I've Always Wanted to be a Lumberkat!"
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Something *completely* out of character, eh?
I think this'll qualify.. ;) Those fans of Monty Python humor should be able to sing the lyrics along with Cmdr. Feral. Enjoy!

Purrcy tied for Second Place!

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