What is Adult Art?

Regarding the fuzzy borderlines of "adult" art:

--Any explicit romance (i.e., hugging and kissing is ok- pawing at each other or tongue kissing is not ok. Body positions and appendage placement WILL be taken into account!)

--Anything with large sexual overtones (i.e., Callie in a dominatrix outfit, Chance and Felina in the same bed.)

--Nudity or implied nudity. (i.e., a pic of Chance from the waist up, with no pants in evidence. Chest-up is probably ok, but it depends on what situation he's in and if he's saying anything... etc.)

--Gratuitous violence (i.e., punching is ok, but blood and teeth flying around is NOT ok.)

--Overt homosexuality. This one's a toughy. The MSKAC isn't against gays, but we don't have any guarantee that young fans haven't been exposed to homosexuality or are comfortable with it, or if their religions accept gays. (i.e., Chance and Jake hugging is ok- Chance and Jake KISSING is not- C&J giving each other mooney looks or flowers is ok- C&J in compromising situations is not ok- again, hand/paw placement and body positions taken into account.)

There will always be borderline cases- we would still like all submissions sent to us, and we'll decide then whether it's acceptible for voting or not. Any unacceptable entries will be deemed "adult" and sent to Rauhnee's SWAT Kats adult art gallery for general display.

Adult art will not be eligible for voting, even though it's on a different site. Not only will it divide the voting between two separate contests, but we would rather keep *ALL* of the submittable art viewable for young fans.

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