1) A Challenge is issued by an artist (the winner of the previous month's Challenge).

2) The Challenge is posted the first day of the new month and submissions for that Challenge will be accepted from the first of the month until the 21 st of that month. REMEMBER THIS! We want no late submissions!

3) To win: You must have the most votes from the fans. (Duh!) Only one vote per e-mail address will be counted. (We BEG you: PLEASE do not "rig" a win and set up fake e-mail addresses! You should be ashamed if you do!)

4) Extra: You may submit "entries" past day 21, or even into the next month. however, due to the fact that voting starts on the 21 st, your drawing will not be eligible for voting if it is late! This is so your drawing is not disadvantaged in the voting, for having been posted for less time than the others. They will, however, still be displayed. (As the following month's entries won't be posted until the 21st, your drawing will be posted for at least a month. Longer, if you have no objections - as we are keeping an archive. Please contact us if you intend to remove your entry from your webserver.)

5) The winner will have until the 1st of the coming month to suggest the next Challenge. So please have a Challenge idea in mind- we need to keep to this two/three days schedule to maintain the monthly status quo. ;) After the 1st, if the winner has not chosen a Challenge, either Strike or Klawz will pick the Challenge for the month.

6) The voting period will last from the 21st (when entires will be posted) until the 27 th. One full week (trust us.) We will tally the votes and announce the winner on day 28.

7) You are not required to submit every month. ;)

8) You may do a double entry. You can draw a picture and have someone else computer color it. However, do not take full credit for shared work! The colorist may submit a second entry - but remind us that you've submitted a shared entry or we may throw out one of them!!!

9) Send only one submission. (Exception would be if you also did a joint picture, see rule #8.) If you have trouble deciding which image to send, ask a friend to help you decide. Should you send us multiple submissions, only the first one will be posted.

10) We also reserve the right to add more rules should we have problems. (Which we don't want!) We'll make a big gazooey notice if we change any more rules, kay?


1) The winner gets to pick the next Challenge; however, they cannot win the next month. (That means, they can suggest comething and send in a picture of it, but they can't win two months in a row.) If an entrant wins, but fails to suggest the next Challenge before the 1st, they are still ineligible to win the following month.

2) Though the winner gets to pick the Challenge, s/he has to follow a certain guideline we have: A creative goal. Such as: "draw Razor sitting" (please be more creative than this, though) or "Callie's Bad Day" etc. It must include at least one SK character! We reserve the right to reject any suggestion if we feel it's too restrictive (ie. "draw Razor half out of uniform and searching for a pink mouse - have T-Bone laughing at him") or if it has unacceptable content (yeah, you'd like an example here, wouldn't you?).

3) Should an entrant win often and we recieve complaints, we have the right to install a new rule to restrict how many times you may win a year.


1) Tracings or altered screen shots/official images aren't accepted. Period. Be original and send your own work.

2) We will accept any style of work. Anime, SD (Super Deformed), "Sonic" style, comic book, etc. We will also post animated entries should anyone be so talented. :)

3) Though this is a "fun" site, we will not accept half-hearted submissions. This means drawing stick figures on lined paper. (Lined paper art is accepted, however.)

4) Keep the graphic violence and gore to a minimum. Blood is fine, but we don't need to see poor Razor's insides, thank-you. :P

5) No pornographic/erotic/"adult" art will be posted here! However, Rauhnee Ranshanka (the SK Mailing List katmin), will accept any "adult" art you wish to send. E-mail her for the site address. (HERE is a more in-depth listing of what exactly "adult" art is. Please read it if you think you might be riding on the line.)

6) We will accept bikkini-clad characters, however. ;) If you wouldn't show the picture to your grandmother, your mother, and your kid sister, don't send it to us!

7) We will accept original/fanfic/rpg characters in the picture. However we will reject any submission that has your characters taking the spotlight and a little shadowy figure that represents Callie/Razor/Viper etc. This isn't an rpg site, this is a SWAT Kats site!


We will not accept submissions through snail mail. However, three nice SK fans have offered the use of their scanners for you!

Also, if you are willing to spend about $10, you can take the picture to your local Kinko's (or other copy shop.) Many of them offer scanning (bring a disk!) services. Call first, prices usually vary a little depending on size of thing to scan, and how fast you want it. (24 hour vs. immediate.)

If you go to college, or attend a technologically current school, ask if there is a scanner on the premesis. Many high schools use scanners for their newspaper staff, and many colleges (especially large ones) have scanners in the computer labs (or in the comp sci wing) that are free to students.

Occasionally businesses will have a scanner as well. Scanners are relatively inexpensive and you will probably be surprised at where you can find one.

Note: We will accept late submissions (though not for voting, since the contest will be over,) if you sent your submission to David, Rauhnee or Christian. They will be posted, though not voted on if they do not make it into our mailbox before the 21st.


1) Send us the URL where your picture can be found. We will not host your images (at least not until we get more organized- this may change next month.) We do not want the actual picture sent to us.

2) Your finished artwork must be gif or jpg files! Any other files are probably not viewable through a browser! No exceptions!

3) We ask that you upload your picture somewhere else (we aren't organized enough right now to host the pictures ourselves). Strike has generously offered the services of her seemingly endless webspace should you need it.

4) Files may be any size (though not grossly large). However, be warned that if your image is much larger than 125 kb, the voters may not want to wait for the download to view it. If your file is rather large, you may also wish to send us the URL of a smaller version of your drawing (like a "sample" view.  Most people will be willing to host both images.) That way a voter may view the smaller version, and if they like it, they have the option of also viewing the larger one. The two URLS will be listed next to each other.

5) Be sure to remember: Send us the exact URL of your picture- not the general site you uploaded it to. ( versus The SWAT Kats Fan Art Page.)

6) Send us your Name/Handle and your e-mail address at least. If you do not have at least these two things, your submission will be rejected. This is so people who wish to contact you about your art can do so! They may wish to post your art somewhere else and they are supposed to be able to contact you!
Note: We will not accept any handle/name as the name of any character from the show. This reduces confusion. Like The SWAT Kats Fanfiction Archive, we will accept a handle/name that is partially from the show. (ex: Felina Smith, or John Feral). However, the last name Clawson will not be allowed (there are only two exceptions, and those are DJ Clawson and JClawson), and you cannot be a "Felina Sinian" or an "Abi Feral" (that would be taking two names from the show and mixing them up.)

7) If you would like, also send us: A title of your picture, your website URL (preferably if it has your art), the title of the site, and any comments you would like those looking at your picture to read. Keep it clean, please. Swear words will be edited out. The comments could be along the lines of: your inspiration for the picture (such as "I read Spawn comics and that's why I drew in this style"), how long it took you to draw/computer make the picture ("I sat in front of the computer for six hours computer coloring!"), anything you really like about the piece ("I really love how Callie's hair turned out!"), anything you really dislike about the piece ("unfortunately, her feet turned out crappy. :P "), tell us if it's your first time submitting to us, etc. Please don't give a "shout out" to your friends. All of this will be next to your submission's URL (we're so good to you!).

8) Where do you send the submission? If you have problems with Hotmail, send a note to or If someone other than yourself is hosting your image, let us know.

Strike's note: I will be more than happy to host any of your MSKAC sumbissions (GIMME, GIMME!). Regular fan art updates are usually three weeks apart (due to amount of submissions), but it is possible for me to update small groups of p ictures nightly. (If you wish your submission to be listed on the main pages, please let me know, and please realize that although the file will be on the server, the rest of the pages will not have been updated.) I can host the artwork indefinitely, so you needn't worry about files moving or dropping out of existence, and you won't have to use up your own (or a friend's) file space.


If you need to know how to draw a character or vehicle, your best bet would be to go to Strike's Model Sheet Page. DO NOT REMOVE IMAGES FROM THIS PAGE. However, feel free to use them for reference and print them out. DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUR PAGES! Uhm, yes. Public service announcement off. :)

That should be it! For now, check out similar sites! (On the main page! Go back! Go back!)