Welcome to the MSKAC.

The MSKAC is opening again! February's topic is:

"The Y2K bug has hit MKC! Computers are now nothing more than expensive paperweights, those who left their money in banks are now penniless.... show us what ELSE happened! Feel free to be as creative as you like, but don't forget the guidelines. ;) Good luck, and have fun!"

Entries are due by February 21st, as always.

Question: Are you really back?

Answer: Das what we said! ;D

Question: Okay, so now you've got your Late Submissions page up. Do you still accept Late Submissions?
Answer: Yep.


1 ----- New Topic Posted
21 ----- All Submissions Due (Accepted between the 1st and the 21st)
21 ----- Voting Begins
27 ----- Voting Ends
28 ----- Winner Announced

*All dates subject to change due to avaliability of the Webmistresses and whether or not FortuneCity is having problems.

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The Razor's Edge Fan Art Page
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There are plenty of other SK art sites out there, and to find them go to Klawz' SWAT Kats Devotional. The Lynx page has plenty of SK sites to satisfy your interests. ;) It's a famous page. It's gonna make you a star.

Strike also has a big, large, neat, colorful, organized SK Links page. She spends lots of work on it, it's nice. She likes the little square pictures. Go there. Hi mom.

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